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        Add:No.13Gan Bei Road, Ehu Town

        Wuxi City Bao Ming Precision Casting Co., Ltd., plant about 5000 square meters, covers an area of 10 mu, about 50 employees, enterprisededicated to the production of carbon steel, stainless steel materials,precision casting and finished product, using full silica sol process lost waxprocess advanced, investment casting is a large-scale professional production base, set plant and machinery processing factory precision casting as a whole, the annual production of precision casting and all kinds of precision casting products 300 tons, mainly exported to Europe and the United States and Japan and other countries.

The company is located in Taihu coast of goose lake, not only has a full set of production facilities and equipment: waxing machine, coating equipment, dewaxing facilities, intermediate frequency electric furnace,sintering furnace, tempering furnace, electric welding machine......

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